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Rogers Equestrian Center


Why Choose Our Riding Lessons?

At Rogers Equestrian Center, we believe horse riding imparts life-long lessons in responsibility, discipline, and compassion while enhancing balance, flexibility, and physical fitness. Our year-round program caters to diverse student needs, welcoming recreational riders and those aspiring to compete at the State and National levels.

Key Features:

  • Specialization in Hunter/Jumper instruction for children (ages 4+) and adults.

  • Access to a large outdoor arena for year-round riding in a comfortable environment.

  • Safe "school-master" horses and ponies, plus well-maintained tack.

  • Safety is our utmost priority, with an emphasis on smart and safe horse handling.

1 lesson per week (4 lessons per month)

  • The REC recreational riding program provides professional riding instruction that is tailored toward all types of students. Private and group lessons are available on our seasoned horses and ponies or your own mount. We teach all levels of riders and instruction is available in Balance Seat, Hunter/Jumper, Dressage, and Combined Training.

Recreational Riding Program


Competitive Riding Program


2 lessons per week (8 lessons per month)

  • The REC competitive riding program is for students looking to progress at a faster rate than the recreational program. Students in this program are looking to actively pursue their riding goals and consider competing.

High Performance Program


3 lessons per week (12 lessons per month)

  • The REC high performance riding program teaches riding with a competitive mindset and is tailored toward those with goals of competitive showing and winning State and National Championships. This program is reserved for our students who are disciplined and willing to commit to the intensity and sacrifice required to perform in a competitive athletic environment.

*Introductory Lessons are given at a rate of $65 for each hour. These lessons are for those wanting to try riding lessons before making a commitment to enroll in our regular program. Students may take up to three introductory lessons before making a commmitment to a lesson package.

Custom lesson arrangements will be made as requested to recognize particular desires or training needs. Private lessons are available on a case to case basis when requested.

**Please arrive 10 minutes early for your scheduled lesson.** 

Cancellation Policy: REC MUST receive notice of cancellation or you will be charged for the lesson. There is no carryover of unused lessons in a monthly program without express permission from the REC administrator. It is the students responsibility to schedule or reschedule all lessons.

Discounts: There is a 10% discount for siblings. 


Inclement Weather Policy: In the event of a day that is rainy, hot, cold, windy, etc., if possible, lessons will take place in the barn; unmounted lessons will be taught. If it's 34 degrees or warmer, students will be expected to ride.


  1. Please check in with a staff member prior to each scheduled activity

  2. Protective headgear must be worn at all times when mounted

  3. All riders must have a release of liability on file with REC office

  4. Please schedule all lessons and training times with the REC office

  5. "Last Minute" or unscheduled lessons or training (Lease riding) will be asked to yield the arena and round pen to those scheduled with the REC office.

  6. Non-riding participants or spectators must remain outside the arena.

  7. Please return REC tack, grooming supplies, farm equipment and other riding equipment after each use to the tack room or its appropriate storage facility

  8. Please close all gates to REC: arenas, round pen, paddocks, etc upon completion of each use.

  9. Please report all injuries and/or complaints to the REC office immediately.

  10. Please make payment to the Rogers Equestrian Center in advance of each service.

Important Notices

What clothing should be worn?

Although it is highly encouraged, students are NOT required to wear appropriate riding attire including riding breeches/tights or jeans, English paddock boots, or half-chaps with the exception of a Certified Riding Helmet. We have a limited number of CEC helmets that can be provided for your first few lessons. It is recommended that you purchase your own helmet. Athletic shoes, loose or baggy clothing, jewelry and chewing gum are safety hazards and are NOT permitted. All visitors are required to wear closed toed shoes while on property.

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